Disius 9: 365-Day Novel

“Destiny includes the necessary events that happen in a man’s life in order to drive him to his predetermined future. In this instance, we are bearing witness to Lady Destiny’s work in life of my rebellious son.”

Denim scowled. His father smiled. The sound of knuckles rapping on the table drew both men’s attention. “I dare say, Congressman, your son is not rebellious.” The husky voice of Governess Henelly Welled filled the room. “He is still young at twenty-seven, finding his own way, but more than young, he is proud. It’s a hereditary trait.”  Her sharp brown arched as she looked his way. She clearly would accept no contradiction of her opinion or her snub at Meekus Claudius.

Governess Henelly Denim would not challenge. She’d always been a stiff old woman, but she was fair, and more often than not, right in her opinions. She was also his father’s elderly sister-in-law. Not even the Congressman challenged her, at least not publically. He owed her too much to do so.

“Indeed, he is proud. I agree, Governess.” Meekus Claudius finally gave in to his smile, flashing an impressive row of whites. Folding back his gilded, emerald, robe he took his place at the head of the table and left Denim standing, a sign he was more on trial than welcomed at the table.

Feeling his nerves stretch as taught as his skin had been, Denim let out a sigh. “Congressman, people of the Government, what is this all about? And I like to not be weighed down with pretty words of destiny.”

“Oh, but that is why we are here, Denim. Your destiny hangs in the balance.” Again Meekus Claudius gave a smile. It was a peculiar thing to see since they were so few and far between.

Denim rolled his shoulders. The movement released more unpleasant odors into the room. He ignored the cough of the Governor nearest him. “Congressman, I’ve paid my debt, am paying still, for my negligence as RRS. The punishments for my mistakes have been notarized. Anything more would be double-jeopardy.”

Meekus Claudius leaned back in his chair as whispers of agreement came from several governors around the table. All chattered ceased when Meekus leaned forward again. “Yes, you are paying, for those infractions. But you see there is one other issue that was brought to light after further investigation.”

“What are you speaking of, Congressman?” Henelly’s brow dipped disapprovingly.

Meekus patted her hand. “It’s a matter of fins, Governess, and accessory. Allow me to explain.”