Nice to Meet You!

photo2.jpgLover of the Fall season, Ireland, tea, the continuous threads of what could be, and not too keen on writing about herself in third-person, but willing to do so for her author bio, is Candice Coates, author, blogger, artist, dreamer, and Genre Jumper.

Also, Host/Conversationalist and Motivator on These Read Letters Podcast.

Born and raised in central Ohio, Candice has always had a love for telling a story and bringing to life the seeds of worlds born in her dreams and imagination, weaving together concepts of struggle, adventure, redemption, and triumph.

Although she studied Advertising and Graphic Design and has a talent for visual arts, and music, her greatest love is found between the marriage of paper and pen.

She began her love affair with storytelling as a small child but wrote her first short story when she was eleven years old. She found that the best inspiration for her stories came from the tales that unfolded while she was sleeping in the innumerous worlds of her dreams.

While she loves to tell a new story, she appreciates and is drawn to the challenge of reforming and exploring different ways to interpret common concepts within her own work especially themes such as time travel, alternate universes, alien encounters, and anti-heroes just to name a few.

Jumping from genres ranging from speculative science fiction, fantasy, action-thrillers and even to comedic contemporary romance, Candice allows her faith in Jesus to kiss each piece with a touch of faith and relatable hope.

When not working on new manuscripts, Candice can be found, making art illustrations and building her artist’s platform Quiet Boat Creations, or creating content at her sister site, I Came for the Soup, where she encourages other creatives to simply create with courage and faith. She also bakes a mean sugar cookie and other magical treats!

Debut Novel Nexus Gate 4037: The Animal  AVAILABLE NOW on AMAZON

You can also follow her on INSTAGRAM.